The Authority has the responsibility of protecting public health by reducing the risk of food-borne diseases and providing food safety education and information to consumers and the food industry. This responsibility compelled the Authority to developed guidelines that will support Food Business Operators with food safety systems, the implementation of which will help reduce food contamination. Ultimate responsibility for food safety lies not with the Authority as the regulator nor with the consumer but with Food Business Operators. Whereas any Food Business Operator has the right to produce, process, prepare, serve, import and export food, this right comes with the inseparable responsibility to ensure that such food is wholesome and safe and that the conduct of their business is within all applicable laws, including those regarding fraud. The guidelines are therefore to be used as a guide for food business operators to understand, establish and implement effective food control systems.

Published Guidelines

Guidelines on Import and Export – download here

Guideline for Start-Up Food and Feed Business – download here

Guidelines on Developing and Implementing Pre-Requisite Programs – download here

Guideline on Food Storage Warehouses – download here

Guideline on Food Withdrawal and Recall – download here

Guideline on Retail Establishment – download here

Food Safety and Quality Authority of The Gambia is established by the Food Safety and Quality Act, 2011 under the Office of The President. It is the sole National Competent Authority with powers of delegation mandated to officially control the safety and quality of all foods (including water and beverages) and animal feed whether locally produced, imported or destined for export.

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